If you love horses or you would like to ride one, then you have come to the perfect place. We have three horses and a pony, all four can be ridden. I trained some of them from when they were born and if you are a bit experienced we can do tours in the beautiful surroundings here. For novices, young kids or if you are just curious what it is to sit on a horse, we do guided horse-walks on our terrain.

My love for horses has brought me to Portugal. I ride horses, and have been working with them since I was 8 years old. First, of course, just learned how to ride a pony and even had one of my own. Much later I started looking different at horses and I started to study the animal in his nature. The knowledge and experience I have now, I try to incorporate on our own property. I train the horses as much as possible, with voice and in freedom. The 3 foals  are socialized through groundwork, mutual trust and tranquility. Groundwork is instructive for both the horse and human. You learn a different way to look at horses and to understand their language. Groundwork is supportive of the riding itself. When we go out riding it will be only bitless.

I love to receive children as well as adults, to take them on a ride. For me, the horses are a big part of the pleasure I experience in Portugal. I like to share this with everyone.