The pride-of-the-place is our biological swimming pool. Constructed in 2012, now it is a genuine water paradise. The water is chemically un-treated and the specially selected waterplants and waterlillies make the pond every day a surprise of color and flowers. If there’s a better feeling than that of gliding smoothly through a crystal-clear natural swimming pool while eye-to-eye with frogs perched nonchalantly on water lillies, then we’ve yet to experience it. The chirp of crickets, the buzz of dragonflies, birdsong, and, of course, the croaking chorus of those ubiquitous frogs provide the soundtrack to a wonderfully wild swim which maybe sums up everything Vinha da Manta stands for: a secluded private holiday estate set in leafy surroundings and combining five-star eco-facilities with a truly relaxed atmosphere. We created a little bar for drinks, icecreams and lunches.