Vinha Da Manta is located in a fantastic area, where small-scale farmers and producers offer unique local specialties. Renowned are the cheeses from Celorico Da Beira, the cherries from Faia, the wine from Aldeia Viçosa and not to forget the olive oil from our own valley, which fruity flavour that may remind of artichoke.
The kitchen is Menno’s domain, this is his story: “I inherited my love for gardening from my father and my passion for cooking comes from my mother The fact that these two come together is something which I really enjoy. I look up recipes with ingredients from the garden and try them out, I love to make my guests enthusiastic about the taste of my food. Dependent on my inspiration, the harvest from that what is in season and the offer of the local farmers, I will serve not only a daily breakfast, but also prepare a sumptuous meal every other night. This meal will be served at our terrace, which is partially covered, so the guests will be able to eat outside under the olive trees. I don´t always prepare typical local meals, which you can find already in many places. I like to make Mediterranean classics with a touch of “cheeky input” from myself. Think of clams with piri-piri and coriander, lamb loin in anise herbs and presunto (dried Portuguese ham from Iberian pigs), tagine with figs and bio-dynamic lamb, bread and pizza from the wood oven and pesto made ​​from Portuguese basil, everything from our own gardens. Guests appreciate the warm figs cooked in red wine with crème fraiche and of course our self-brewed wine, aguardente and jerapiga are not to be missed. I always take the time to cook and make everything myself as much as possible. Own jams and chutneys, tomatoes that I dry outside in the sun, all the herbs and much of the vegetables come from our garden, I make my own chili pepper by dipping them in self-pressed olive oil and I´ll drive for hours to get the best fresh fish. My food is above average. I do not blame this on my cooking skills, but on the fact that I only use good wine, good olive oil, fresh vegetables directly from the land and other local products. That is my strength. Everything here is pure. I reach you what nature has to offer.