We have opened our doors in the summer of 2012. We then started to design and build accommodations and an atmosphere where we ourselves would like to go to – light, air, space, privacy, enjoying the nature, good food, cozyness and luxury. That is also the reason why we keep Vinha da Manta small and thus intimate, with a certain amount of exclusivity. We run the company ourselves, which means that everything is done to maintain our own high standards. We are constantly improving what we have created, and make it even better, year after year. The result of our efforts is reflected in the high ratings we receive on sites like tripadvisor (Certificate of Excellence 2017) but also by being chosen as one of the "best holiday destinations 2015" according to The Guardian and one of the "30 best holiday spots 2016" according to The Sunday Times". Beside numerous small articles we are extensively featured in two Dutch lifestylemagazines, the Seasons in august 2013 (8 pages) and the VT-Wonen in august 2016 (10 pages).

We are constantly seeking for a way to provide our guests the best holiday experience possible and at the same time we have a clear ecological conscience. We combine "green" with luxury. We are committed to protecting the relationship with the land, the local community and the natural environment, which goes well together with a luxurious, outdoor holiday. That is also the reason we are having a natural pool, cleaned only by plants and with water better than from the tap. Our own springs provide us with the purest of drinking water. We use local sustainable wood to build the platforms for the canvas lodges and our fixtures and furnishes are designed in conjunction with the shapes and colors of the surrounding landscape. We grow our own vegetables for our restaurant as much as possible, all organic, just like our cheese, eggs and milk. Our fruit trees, vines, fig trees and olive trees are also organic. Total darkness is now a real treat, so we try to minimize light pollution with solar soft lighting. These are all just examples of the first steps we are taking, small but durable ones, to be able to share with our guests and taking them in a new way of seeing the world.