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1. Macieira lodge

Macieira (Apple tree) lodge is situated with a beautiful view and privacy on the highest terrace of our land. It is a big terrace with lots of space to play and to relax, this terrace does not have steep edges or open water and is therefore very suitable if you have small children. Also the lodge is reachable by car.

2. Fonte lodge

The Fonte (spring) Lodge stands on the terrace next to its own fresh water bassin which, in summer is a nice private plunge pool. It is our largest and second highest terrace so consequently it also has one of the highest and farthest view of the valley of the Mondego. A spacious and quiet terrace with apple- and quince trees, all for yourself. Yet, near the dirt road that runs through the estate, where we sometimes pass with the horses. The Lodge is easily accessible, also with the...

3. Levada lodge

Levada in Portuguese means "channel". They use this word to refer to a channel in which the water is transported from the source to the terraces, mainly for irrigation. The Levada Lodge stands on the terrace where the 'levada' used to be. A terrace with lots of nature and a wealth of trees, like the large fig tree and pear trees. This is still the place where our water comes from, through an old water mine. The water and many trees provide some coolness in the summer. From the terrace there...

4. Cachoeira lodge

Cachoeira is the Portuguese word for waterfall. Allthough there is not a waterfall anymore, the water is still coming straight out of the mountain and is collected in a bassin nearby. This place has lots of privacy and shade and is almost at the height of our house and restaurant (150 meters). It has a beautiful view over the valley and on our melonfield. The lodge is about a 300 m away from our swimmingpool.

5. Vale lodge

The Vale (valley) lodge is the lowest, in what we call our own valley. Therefore the location has the most privacy, as there are no other lodges in front of the Vale Lodge. It is also the most intimate place, well protected by dry stone walls in a crescent moon-shape. Two terraces lower, you find your own hidden plunge pool, a bassin that we transformed into a beautiful, natural spot to relax by the water. From the terrace of the lodge you have a panoramic view of the great valley of...

6. Oliveira lodge

The Oliveira (olive tree) lodge is situated straight under our restaurant (50m) and close to the yoga platform. Our swimming pool is almost on the same level as the lodge. The Oliveira has beautiful views over the valley and is styled in the same way as the other lodges.

7. Roxinol lodge

The Roxinol (nightingale) is our newest lodge. It is situated on a beautiful ridge with an amazing view into the valley. This lodge has an old vintage bathtub installed on the deck for hours of bathing pleasure. It is very privately situated, has lots of morning sunshine and shade in the afternoon.

8. Piscina lodge um

Piscina um is two terraces below the pool. It is situated on a vast terrace, under a large pine tree. The lodge is centrally located on our property, near the pool and diagonally under our Quinta. Everything nearby, easily accessible through a path that leads through the orchard to the Quinta (150m) and of course, the phenomenal views over the valley of the Mondego.

9. Piscina lodge dois

Piscina dois is situated 4 terraces below the pool. Piscina dois is our lowest lying lodge and has his own very big platform on a huge terrace. The lodge is sheltered by a beautifull dry stone wall behind some chestnuts trees and is enclosed by a rocky outcrop on the west side. You can reach the lodge by two staircases which makes it the furthest lying lodge on our estate but also the one with the most privacy of all. The lodge has ample space and open views over the village of Faia and of...

Casa da Horta

At the far end of our vegetable garden, hidden behind olive- and chestnut trees, you will find our newly build garden appartment. A very comfortable little house of about 40m2 with a large bathroom of about 9m2. The appartment consists of one main room with a queen size doublebed on a raised platform, sittingroom and kitchen, all in one space. There is lots of light and air with windows and two huge terracedoors opening on a very private porch for hours of cosy lounging. The interior has a...

Quinta da Canas

Quinta das Canas is situated just 400 meters downhill from our Quinta and its terrace and nine acres of land offer a glorious view of the Mondego Valley stretching down to the river and rising to mountains on the other side. The house, which was originally a traditional lagar and used as a wine press, is easily accessed from a paved countryroad with ample parkingspace. Built from original large granite stones, it has since been renovated in a minimalist style with Pedra Vista walls,...