Essential information before coming here.

The weather: We have great weather in June, July, August and September. May and October are often nice but less predictable. The temperature rises in the months of July and August to over thirty Celsius degrees but hardly ever reaches forty. The nights are nice and cool, which benefits the night rest. In the low season, the mornings can be cool.

Facilities: There is a great platform for activities. It can be used for meditation, dancing, yoga or just to relax on. There is a washing machine to wash clothes. At the restaurant, there is a delightful shaded lounge area with couches and hammocks, where you can eat/drink or just relax. Next to the kitchen, is the Adega, our guest lounge with a large fireplace, magazines and games, a nice sofa and chairs. Whenever you eat at the restaurant, we try to organize the dinners outside, as much as possible, on a large platform, in the middle of the garden. In spring and autumn, depending on the weather, we will be eating in the Adega.

To take: All the lodge are designed for you to take as little as possible. Just your swimmingclothes, horseridinggear, and some clothes. Everything, including towels, sheets, cooking gear is present.

Area, practical: The village of Aldeia Vicosa is 2km away and has a shop which caters for your inmediate needs. There is also a pharmacy, a petrol station and an ATM. Guarda is about 13 km away and there you can buy everything you need.